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P. L. Deshpande (November 8, 1919 - June 12, 2000) was a noted Indian writer in Marathi. He was also famous as an orator and performing artist. He wrote as Pu La (IPA: /pʊ.ɫ/) Deshpande, from his initials in Marathi.

Born in Mumbai, he was educated at Pune's Fergusson College and Willingdon College, Sangli. He worked as a lecturer and teacher before making his move into literature in the 1940s.

Pu La had a deep interest in the Hindustani classical music and musical theatre in Maharashtra. He vividly described it in his writings, popularised it and ultimately became a part of it. He played the Harmonium and was a talented singer. Moreover, he was a good music & film director as well as a great actor.


  • शेवटी काय हो, आपण पत्त्याच्या नावाचे धनी, मजकुराचा मालक निराळाच.
    • Translation:In the end, all we own is the name on the address. Some else (God) is the owner of matter within.
    • Pu La had a penchant for ending his humourous works with thought-provoking punchlines. In this quote from his work Post Office, he sums up on how life is a lot like the the letters that pass through the post office.
  • जगात काय बोलत आहात ह्यापेक्षा कोण बोलत आहात ह्याला जास्त महत्त्व आहे.
    • Translation:In this world, who you are is more important than what you are saying.
    • Source: Asa mi Asami
  • प्रयास हा प्रतिभेचा प्राणवायू आहे.
    • Translation: Efforts are the essential for character.
    • Source: These words are uttered by the lead character of his work with the same name - Sakharam Gatne.
  • लग्नापुर्वी शी न लूक्ड सो ... लुकडी!
    • Translation: Before marriage, she looked so .. (Pu La completes) Thin!
    • In his hilarious work 'Mi ani majha shatrupaksha' (Me and my enemy party), Pu La criticizes people who bore others by telling them accounts of their travels, showing them pictures of holidays or discussing their housing construction plans. This particular quote is from a situation when the author is forced to sit through a painfully slow and boring display of old photographs by a husband and wife.
  • मी लंडन मध्ये हमाली करून वजनी पाउंड घटवून चलनी पाउंड कमवावेत, असही सुचवण्यात आलं.
    • Translation: It was also suggested that, In London, I should gain some pounds in currency by losing some pounds in weight.
    • In his travelogue Apoorvai (अपूर्वाइ), Pu La describes the non-stop flow of advise before travelling to London. This quote is one of the advise given to him, when they learn on how many pounds a porter charges for lifting baggage on the station in London.

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